Pro Tips for Prepping Your Mat and Tile

Step 1

Position your tile so the square cut out lines up with your tile along with the backing board (cardboard backing is supplied with your matted print purchase, but you may want to use foam core or matt board if available)

Step 2

Remove the mat and carefully mark out the outline of your tile

Step 3

Carefully cut out the marked square for your tile.

Step 4

Place your tile into the cut out, It should fit perfect, making it flush with the backing.

Step 5

Flip over the backing board and secure the tile with tape add spacers if needed.

Step 6

 Assemble the matted print with your tile/backing, should line up perfectly and will be flush, ready for framing!

Step 7

¬†Slip into a 22″ x 28″ frame.
(tip: check out your local thrift store for a great deal)


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